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TDK Corporation

TDK Corporation (Tokyo Denkikagaku Kogyo) 成立于 1935 年 12 月,其宗旨是成为全球首家磁性材料“铁氧体”工业化生产商。 自创立以来,TDK 一直在利用以铁氧体和陶瓷为中心的材料技术和先进的加工技术发挥材料的最大功用,不断推出各种产品和服务。 TDK 的创办理念“以丰富的创造力,回馈文化与产业”直至今天仍在不断激励着公司全体员工。

ALT4532-EVA-01 评估板

TDK 的 ALT4532-EVA-01 评估板图片

TDK 的 ALT4532‐EVA‐01 评估板简化了独立 LAN 磁性元件解决方案的评估。了解详情

VLS-EX-H 线绕式电感器

TDK VLS-EX-H 功率电感器图片

TDK 的 VLS-EX 系列功率电感器是采用铁氧体磁芯的磁屏蔽绕线式电感器,旨在用于各种汽车应用。了解详情

TAS 系列 TMR 角度传感器

TDK 的 TAS 系列:TMR 角度传感器图片

TDK 的 TAS 系列角度传感器通过 TMR 元件实现了高输出、高精度和高稳定性。了解详情

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TDK FLECLEAR® Ag-Stacked 薄膜图

FLECLEAR® Ag-Stacked 薄膜

TDK 的 FLECLEAR® 系列透明导电薄膜具有低电阻、出色的柔韧性的同时保持了高透射率。了解详情

TDK 的 PHUA8060-35A-33-000 PiezoHapt™ 致动器图片

PHUA8060-35A-33-000 PiezoHapt™ 致动器

TDK 的 PHUA8060-35A-33-000 PiezoHapt 超薄型致动器具有仅仅 4 ms 的极快响应时间。了解详情

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Sample Kits

Sample Kits

TDK now offering a variety of sample kits, built in-house at Digi-Key to supply you with the best and most complete design kit options for all your design needs.

Flexield Thumbnail

RF Suppression Custom Cutting

TDK’s Flexield noise suppression sheets are flexible & versatile with multiple variations from Digi-Key, customization available to meet your design needs.

Image of InvenSense's ICM-42605 Low-Power 6-Axis Mems Motion Sensor

ICM-42605 Low-Power 6-Axis MEMS Motion Sensor

InvenSense's ICM-42605 low-power 6-axis MEMS motion sensor is ideal for applications such as IoT, wearable sensors, and smartphones.

Image of TDKs' PowerHap™ Powerful Haptic Feedback Device

PowerHap™ - 强大的触觉反馈装置

TDK Corporation 推出创新的具有触觉反馈和集成传感器功能的 PowerHap 压电式致动器。

Image of EPCOS' B32354S3 Series of Rugged AC Filter Capacitor

B32354S3 系列耐用型交流滤波电容器

TDK Corporation (EPCOS) 的 B32354S3 系列交流滤波电容器通过了组件级别的 UL 810 认证,并带有 CE 标志。

Image of EPCOS LeaXield EMC Filters

LeaXield™ EMC 滤波器

EPCOS LeaXield™ 是一款有源漏电电流滤波器,可以最大限度地减少基于转换器的驱动系统中的漏电电流。



TDK 的电容器世界

TDK 的电容器世界

TDK 的电容器世界:TDK 电容器产品指南了解详情

TDK 的电感器世界

TDK 的电感器世界

TDK 的电感器世界:TDK 电感器产品指南了解详情

TDK 的 EMC 指导手册

EMC 指导手册

TDK EMC 产品的 EMC 指导手册了解详情


如何使用 MLCC 网站

如何使用 MLCC 网站:TDK 电容器产品的门户网站使用指南了解详情

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Image of EPCOS Leaded Chokes

Leaded Chokes (Inductors)

Duration: 5 minutes

Introduce EPCOS's wirewound fixed inductors and discuss their features, the markets available, and the product offering.

Gas-filled contactor

Gas-Filled Contactor for High-Voltage DC Switching Applications

Duration: 5 minutes

An overview of the Gas Filled Contactor component for application in the electric vehicle market, solar array installations, and energy stand alone storage systems.

ERU Surface Mount, High-Current Power Inductors

ERU Surface Mount High-Current Power Inductors

Duration: 10 minutes

The ERU series of helical power inductors by TDK Corporation feature a very low profile, high rated current, low DC resistance and a large contact area.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Protection

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Protection

Duration: 20 minutes

Information of the battery charging and discharging circuit architectures within the hybrid electric and electric vehicle applications.

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TDK EPCOS ThermoFuse Varistors | Digi-Key Daily

ThermoFuse varistors are uniquely designed disk varistors connected in series with a thermally coupled fuse and, therefore, they are intrinsically safe.

Publish Date: 2019-02-11

TDK ALT4532 Series Pulse Transformers | Digi-Key Daily

The ALT4532 series of SMD pulse transformers employs an innovative automated coil-winding technique and features very uniform electrical properties with a much smaller footprint.

Publish Date: 2019-01-10

High-Voltage Contactors

TDK’s High-voltage contactor is a hermetically sealed and gas-filled DC switch to disconnect high operating voltage (up to 1200 V DC) with high current loads (up to 500 A DC).

Publish Date: 2018-12-11

TDK FLECLEAR® Ag-Stacked Film | Digi-Key Daily

FLECLEAR® family of thin, transparent conductive film, called Ag-stacked film, utilizes a proprietary silver alloy material as its conductive layer and is deposited onto a film substrate.

Publish Date: 2018-12-10



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