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t-Global Technology

- t-Global Technology 是热管理解决方案的领先制造商和供应商。 t-Global 在中国台湾和英国设立了先进的工厂,用于材料制造。 公司广泛的产品组合涵盖硅和非硅填隙材料、硅和非硅酮油灰、陶瓷散热片、组合式热和 EMI 吸收材料以及选择丰富的模切绝缘子。 中国台湾工厂是新产品研发中心,英国工厂则负责复杂的工程项目、快速原型开发和点胶技术。 t-Global 的理念源自很短的提前期和最低订货量要求,即快速原型开发和产品短时间内面市。

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Image of t-Global's PC98 Series Non-Silicone Thermal Interface Material

PC98 系列非硅酮热接口材料

t-Global 的 PC98 系列具有稳定的贮存期和长保质期,包括 25 °C 室温下。

Image of t-Global Technology's TGPK27 Series Phase Change Thermal Sticks

TGPK27 系列相变导热棒

t-Global Technology 的 TGPK27 系列导热相变 (PCM) 材料采用易于使用的"胶棒"形式供货,以至于可以将其手工涂抹在各种表面上。

Image of t-Global's TG-NSP-60 Series

TG-NSP-60 Series Gap Filler

t-Global Technology introduces their TG-NSP-60 series of high conformability, silicone-free, putty type dispensable gap filler for use in critical applications such as automotive electronics, consumer devices, and sensitive military applications.

Image of t-Global Technology's A35UH Board-To-FPC High Current Connectors


t-Global 的陶瓷散热器具有拥有成本低、重量轻的优势,是消费类商品和军用硬件应用的理想之选。

Image of t-Global Technology's PC96 Non-Silicone Gap Filler

PC96 非硅酮填隙剂

t-Global Technology 的 PC96 是一种非硅酮填隙材料,设计用于硅脱气会产生问题的场合,可以是定制模切。

Image of t-Global's PCM-20 Materials

PCM-20 材料

t-Global 的 PCM-20 是一系列相变材料,适合用于需要出色冷却性能的大多数关键型应用。


产品培训模块 (PTM) 查看全部 (27)

Phase Change Materials (PCMs) for the Electronics Industry

Phase Change Materials for the Electronics Industry

Duration: 5 minutes

PCM materials can be used for some of the most demanding of thermal applications.

Thermal Pads

H48 Product Range

Duration: 10 minutes

The H48-2 series of thermally conductive gap fillers covers the thermal conductivity range from 1.8-6 W/m.k and is available for a variety of applications.

Potting Compounds

Flexible Black Epoxy Potting Compounds

Duration: 5 minutes

TG-LH-FBPE-80 is a compound that can be used to increase lifetime, value and reduce operating costs for electronic devices.


TG-NSP35 Non-Silicone Putty Materials

Duration: 10 minutes

TG-NSP35 is perfect for circuit boards where there are multiple component heights that need to be connected to a heat-sink.

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t-Global Technology – ASTM Part Shore Hardness Testing

ASTM standard shore hardness testing thermal materials is critical to insuring a high quality thermal connection and that a repeatable amount of force is being applied to components in the application.

Publish Date: 2016-06-06

How to Apply Thermal Interface Materials

t-Global Technology shows and explains how to effectively apply thermal interface materials. t-Global can also supply parts with a pull-tab liner to speed application.

Publish Date: 2016-06-06

t-Global Technology’s Clicker Press Die Cutting Machine

Showcasing the Clicker Press die cutting machine used by t-Global Technologies to accurately and repeatedly produce customer specified custom parts.

Publish Date: 2016-06-06

t-Global Technology’s Non-silicone Dispensable Putties

t-Global Technology showcases the easy to use and low overall cost of ownership non-silicone dispensable putties. Excellent for optics and other applications where outgassing or silicone contamination are a concern.

Publish Date: 2016-06-06