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- SCHURTER Electronic Components 是一家在创新中不断取得进步制造商,产品包括保险丝、断路器、连接器、EMC 元件和输入系统(开关)。 75 年来,SCHURTER components 一直在提供安全、清洁的电源,让人机接口变得更容易实施。 我们的主要市场包括数据通信、工业、再生能源、医疗和测试仪器。

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Schurter EMC 解决方案

EMC 解决方案

Schurter 的 EMC 解决方案包括 1 相和 3 相滤波器、 扼流圈和带有滤波器的电源接入模块。查看应用示例,立即从 Digi-Key 订购。了解详情

Schurter 电路保护


Schurter 的电路保护元器件安全可靠、易于使用、尺寸多样,能满足您的各种设计需求。了解详情

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Image of SCHURTER’s SUT-H Series Ceramic Fuse

SUT-H 系列陶瓷保险丝

SCHURTER 的 SUT-H 6.3 mm x 32 mm 陶瓷保险丝具有高达 500 A @ 250 VAC、10 kA @ 125 VAC 的熔断能力。

Image of SCHURTER's Engineering TouchKit

PCAP 触摸屏开发套件

SCHURTER 的 TouchKit 包括一个带控制器的 PCAP 触摸屏传感器、一支手写笔和一个带有软件(用于分析控制器数据)的 U 盘。

Image of SCHURTER's DG11 Series IEC Inlet with Circuit Breaker

DG11 系列带断路器的 IEC 插座

SCHURTER 的紧凑型 DG11 系列电源输入模块结合了 IEC 设备插座与集成开关式断路器。

Image of SCHURTER's FPBB Series Compact DIN-Rail Filter

FPBB 系列紧凑型 DIN 导轨过滤器

SCHURTER 的 FPBB 系列紧凑型 DIN 导轨双级滤波器,在超薄的外壳内提供出色的 EMI 衰减。

Image of SCHURTER's PSUP 24 VDC Switching Power Supply

PSUP 24 VDC 开关电源

SCHURTER 通过 PSUP 24 VDC 通用开关电源使其 Metal Line 发光开关附件化。

SCHURTER Power Connectors


SCHURTER 供应 IEC 进线口和出线口、多功能电源接入模块、电线、连接器和配电单元等各类电源连接器。


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Innovative Touch-Safe Fuse Cover ESO 10.3 x 38

Duration: 5 minutes

The ESO 10.3 x 38 and its related ASO and CSO series parts will be discussed in this presentation.

SMD Chip Fuse

Surface Mount Chip Fuse

Duration: 10 minutes

Schurter's surface mount chip fuses offer quick, super quick acting and time-lap characteristics. Each fuse series boasts unique performance characteristics.

5707 Power Entry Module

5707 Power Entry Module

Duration: 5 minutes

Tightly sealed from the elements, this power entry module allows equipment to be washed/sealed without damage. Virtually impervious to dust and liquids.

DD Power Entry Module

DD Series Power Entry Module

Duration: 5 minutes

Offers mounting flexibility, optional EMI/RFI filter, PCB mounted, and are best suited for applications with limited space and high inrush currents.

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How to use the Schurter PCAP TouchKit

The SCHURTER TouchKit enables you to have a first look and feel with our touchscreen solution. It has a 10.1” wide-screen projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen on a cover glass, including a high-performance PCAP controller board from SCHURTER.

Publish Date: 2018-08-01

5707 with IP54 protection

SCHURTER's power entry module series 5707, now offers IP 54 protection with V-Lock cord sets at the power input, in addition to IP 65 protection to the equipment.

Publish Date: 2018-05-04

V-Lock Cord Retaining system eliminates unintentional disconnections

The V-Lock system is an already proven design for safe and reliable power connection, protecting against accidental disconnection of the power cord from the equipment.

Publish Date: 2018-05-04

Easy to assemble 6610-5 Outlet with IDC-Contact and Light Pipes

IDC- Connection, Light Pipe and V-Lock all integrated into new outlet 6610-5 makes this product ideally beeing used for power distribution units

Publish Date: 2018-05-04