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Pulse Electronics Corporation

- Pulse Electronics 是您电子元器件领域的合作伙伴,能够为客户提供所需的技术解决方案,帮助客户构建出下一代好产品。 Pulse 拥有很长的磁性元件、天线和连接器创新沿革,能够快速推动产品进入高品质、大批量生产。 公司服务于无线和有线通信、电源管理、军事/航空航天和汽车行业。 公司前身先后分别称为 Technitrol, Inc. 和 Pulse Engineering。 Pulse 也是 IEEE、ATIS、ETSI、HDMI、DSL 论坛、CommNexus 和 MoCA 之类组织的会员。

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Image of Pulse's Battery Management System Isolation Transformers

Battery Management System (BMS) Components for Safety Isolation and EMI Noise Suppression

Pulse Electronics Network's line of isolation transformers and common mode chokes are designed for use in battery management systems for EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs.

Image of PulseLarsen Antennas' Jaguar and Disc Multi-Band Vehicular Antennas

Jaguar/Disc 多频带车载天线

PulseLarsen Antennas 针对非地平面、物联网和机器对机器应用的 Jaguar 和 Disc 多频带车载天线。

Image of Pulse Electronics Power's PH9455 Series Nanoncrystalline Common Mode Chokes

纳米晶体共模扼流圈 – PH9455 系列

Pulse Electronics 的PH9455 系列可抑制任何 AC/DC、DC/DC 或 DC/AC 电路中的共模扼流圈 EMI 噪声,并支持紧凑设计和低功耗。

Image of Pulse Electronics Networking's 5GBase-T Ethernet Network Solutions

5GBase-T 以太网网络解决方案

Pulse Electronics 5GBase-T 以太网网络解决方案非常适合像基站、802.11ac 接入点、路由器、交换机和视频显示器之类需要更高带宽和 PoE 功能的应用。

Image of PulseLarsen Antennas' FLEXible Internal FPC Antennas

柔性内部 FPC 天线

PulseLarsen Antennas 的 FPC 天线产品线是物联网设备、接入点、公共事业、汽车等许多应用的完美解决方案。

Image of PulseLarsen Antennas SPDA24700/2700, W5084x, W5095x Series OMNI Dipole Blade Antennas

LTE 全向偶极天线 - SPDA24700/2700、W5084x 和 W5095x 系列

PulseLarsen Antennas 提供全向定向偶极刀片天线,是适用于 698 MHz 至 2700 MHz 频率范围无线 LTE 设备的灵活和经济实惠的解决方案。


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Ethernet Magnetics

AEC-Q200 Ethernet Magnetics

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will give a brief overview of Pulse's ethernet magnetics used in automotive communications applications.


Automotive Chipchokes

Duration: 5 minutes

CAN-bus is a standard designed to allow microcontrollers and other devices to communicate with each other within a vehicle without a host computer.


HDBaseT™ 5Play™ Magnetics

Duration: 5 minutes

A technology which allows ultra high definition video, audio content, Ethernet.

Mode Choke

Integrated Common Mode and Differential Mode Chokes

Duration: 5 minutes

Introduction to the theory and benefits of integrating two separate components into a single integrated CMDM magnetic part.

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Pulse Electronics Battery Management Systems (BMS) Components

Pulse Electronics offers multiple component solutions specifically designed for the stringent requirements of Battery Management Systems (BMS) for electric vehicles (EV) and energy storage systems.

PulseLarsen Antennas Video

PulseLarsen antenna solutions for all wireless applications.

2.5Gbase-T Ethernet Magnetics

Pulse electronics offers full line of 2.5GBase-T Ethernet magnetics supporting 4P PoE connections for multiple Ethernet applications. The parts are compatible with all major 2.5GBase-T PHY suppliers.

Excelsus - DSL Alarm Filter

DSL Alarm Filter