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- 八十多年来,Ohmite Manufacturing Company 一直是高电流、高电压和高能量应用领域领先的电阻器供应商。 我们的全部产品包括绕线、线元件、厚膜、瓷合成电阻器以及可变电压控制器和散热器。

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Image of Ohmite's FSP01CE, FSP02CE, and FSP03CE Force Sense Potentiometer (FSP) Series

FSP01CE、FSP02CE 和 FSP03CE 力检测电位计 (FSP) 系列

Ohmites 的 FSP01CE、FSP02CE 和 FSP03CE 是力检测电位计 (FSP),以三种尺寸/形式提供,可检测位置和施加的压力。

Image of Ohmite TKH Series Thick Film Resistor

TKH 系列厚膜电阻器

Ohmite 的 TKH45 为扁平片式设计,包含与标准 TO-252 部分相同的焊盘布局,让其在市场上脱颖而出。

Image of Ohmite's TAP650 Series Resistors

TAP650 系列电阻器

Ohmite 的 TAP650 系列电阻器非常适用于变速驱动器、电源和其它电源和控制设计。

Image of Ohmite's FC4T Series Metal Foil Low Value Chip

FC4T 系列金属箔低阻值片式电阻器

Ohmite FC4T 片式电阻器具有采用“开尔文”配置的四个端子。

Image of Ohmite's BA Series Resistors

BA 系列电阻器

Ohmite 的 BA 系列铝外壳电阻器采用陶瓷芯上绕线结构,并通过云母片隔离实现了高介电性能。

Image of Ohmite's CR Heatsinks

CR 散热器

Ohmite 的 CR 系列可配置型高性能专利(专利申请中)散热器采用通用凸轮夹,以适应 TO-247、TO-264 和其它封装。


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Current Sensing Resistors

Duration: 5 minutes

Summary and discussion of the full range of current sensing resistors offered by Ohmite including specifications, benefits, and applications.

Resistor 0.01 Ohm 5W 1% Axial

High Voltage Resistors

Duration: 5 minutes

Ohmite’s high voltage resistor product offerings include Mini Mox, Maxi Mox, Super Mox, Slim Mox, HVF, and Macrochip series.

Cabinet Product

Cabinet Products

Duration: 5 minutes

Cabinet types and kits from Ohmite including resistor and heatsink cabinets.

Heatsink Power Dual Black TO-220

Quick Heatsink Guide

Duration: 5 minutes

Calculate heatsink and see heatsink components from Ohmite that are appropriate for applications requiring different wattage and mounting options.

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