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Newhaven Display, Intl.

- Newhaven Display 为北美市场提供从 LCD 到 VFD 的高性价比、优质显示设备。 除了我们庞大的标准件产品外,我们还为所有行业提供开发定制设计。 我们很自豪能够提供一流的客户支持和开发协助。


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Image of Newhaven Display's HDMI TFT Modules


Newhaven Display 的 HDMI TFT 显示器具有 800 x 480 像素分辨率。这些器件包括多种清晰可辨型号和屏幕选择。

Image of Newhaven Display's EVE2 TFT Modules


Newhaven Display 的全彩显示 TFT 模块依托功能丰富的 FTDI EVE2 图形引擎,拥有 20 种不同的模块和多种尺寸选择。

Image of Newhaven Display's 7 Inch BeagleBone Capes

7" BeagleBone Cape

Newhaven Display 推出其三个 7" BeagleBone Cape,每个 cape 安装在标准、高级或者阳光下清晰可读的 7" Newhaven Display TFT 上。

Image of Newhaven Display's Arduino Shields

Arduino 扩展板

Newhaven Display 的新型 Arduino 扩展板帮助您轻松开发触摸应用。 这些扩展板采用六种显示规格,可与一些 Arduino 最常用的开发板配合使用。

Image of Newhaven Display's Modular OLED Displays

模块化 OLED 显示屏

Newhaven Display 2 x 16 模块化 OLED 产品线为设计采用有机发光二极管 (OLED) 显示屏的应用带来了极大的方便。

Image of Newhaven Diplay's Color OLED Arduino Shields

彩色 OLED Arduino 扩展板

Newhaven Display International 的彩色 OLED Arduino 扩展板避免了冗长的彩色 OLED 开发时间。


Tools and Support

Image of Newhaven's Custom Product Page

Custom Request Form

Are you looking for a display you don’t see on our standard product line? Newhaven Display has a system designed to gather information about your unique needs and get you in contact with our engineers to start customizing a specific display for your application. Learn More

Image of Newhaven's Application Notes

Application Notes

To help answer any questions you may have once you’ve received your Newhaven Display product, we have provided a page with resources to help customers with our display products. This includes notes from engineering, example code, touch panel information, font tables, and so much more. Learn More

Image of Newhaven's Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge Center

Explore technical information about Newhaven Display’s product technology, the displays within each technology, and their key development tools such as the Arduino shields, BeagleBone Capes and evaluation boards. Learn More

Image of Newhaven's Support Forum

Support Forum

Newhaven Display’s Support Forum allows users to communicate in discussion topics on given subjects. Furthermore, it has a number of features users can take advantage of; Bulletin Board Codes, members personal profile, attachments, calendar, and polls. Learn More

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HDMI TFT Modules

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will give an overview of the 12 HDMI TFT Modules.

Image of Newhaven Display's EVE2 TFT module

EVE2 TFT Module

Duration: 5 minutes

An overview of Newhaven's EVE2 TFT modules, including their key features and main applications.

Image of Newhaven 7" BeagleBone Capes

7.0" Inch BeagleBone Cape

Duration: 10 minutes

The BeagleBone community provides all levels of engineers with the resources they need to begin development

4.3" Arduino Shield

4.3 inch Arduino Shield

Duration: 5 minutes

Arduino Shields provide any level of engineer with the ability to effortlessly develop with either capacitive or resistive touch.

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Newhaven EVE2 TFT Modules | Digi-Key Daily

Newhaven Display has teamed up with FTDI/Bridgetek to create a high quality full color display product backed by the feature-rich FTDI EVE2 graphics engine.

HDMI TFT Modules

Introducing Newhaven Display's new HDMI TFT modules. Twelve new TFT models in a 5" or 7" size are ready to connect with PC windows/Linux or SBCs capable of HDMI output.

EVE2 TFT Modules

Introducing a whole new class of serial interface TFTs based on integrating a new Embedded Video Engine and touch controller into these cutting-edge display modules.

7" BeagleBone Capes

Introducing Newhaven Display's new line of 7" BeagleBone Capes designed with 5-point multi-touch capacitive functionality for the BeagleBone Black.