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Maxim Integrated

市场不断发展。 规则不断改变。 为了缩短您的产品上市时间,您需要在每一个层级进行整合——从硅片到供应链。

让 Maxim Integrated 帮助您应对设计和架构挑战,您将会拥有针对工业、医疗、消费电子、汽车、能源、计算和通信领域的一体化解决方案。



Maxim Integrated 的医疗解决方案图片

四个解决方案页,简要介绍了 Maxim 丰富的模拟、通信和应用特定型 IC,并给出了相应框图。了解详情


Maxim Integrated 的应用

Maxim 在医疗、工业、通信、消费电子、电机控制和检测应用领域的特色产品。了解详情

mgineer 博客

Maxim 的 mgineer 博客图片


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Maxim 自动控制缩略图


Maxim 提供各种高性能模拟式、通信稳定以及创新的应用型 IC,来满足设计人员在许多工业控制与自动化应用方面的需求。了解详情

Maxim Integrated 的医疗解决方案图片


医疗解决方案提供商 - Maxim Integrated 的使命就是为其客户的系统提供增值型解决方案。 Maxim 就是您为下一个医疗产品设计寻找增值解决方案的目标。了解详情

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Image of Maxim's MAX16050 Voltage Monitor/Sequencer Circuit

MAX16050 Voltage Monitor/Sequencer Circuit

Maxim's MAX16050 voltage monitor/sequencer circuit is designed for networking systems, servers, storage systems, telecom equipment, and workstations.

Image of Maxim's MAX40007 nanoPower Op Amp

MAX40007 nanoPower Op Amp

Maxim's MAX40007 nanoPower op amp is ideal for battery-powered applications such as portable instrumentation, portable medical equipment, and wireless handsets.

Image of Maxim's MAX38801 15 A Switching Regulator

MAX38801 15 开关稳压器

Maxim 的 MAX38801 是一款开关稳压器,专为采用 6.5 V 至 14 V 输入且要求最大负载高达 15 A 的应用而设计。

Image of Maxim's MAX34417 Four-Channel Current and Voltage Monitor

MAX34417 四通道电流和电压监视器

Maxim 的 MAX34417 是一款四通道蓄能器,用于确定便携式设备的功耗。

Image of Maxim Integrated's MAXM17532/MAXM15462 Himalaya uSLICTM Power Modules

MAXM17532/MAXM15462 Himalaya uSLIC™ 电源模块

Maxim 的 MAXM17532/MAXM15462 是降压型 DC-DC 电源模块,采用紧凑的 uSLIC™ 封装,实现设计便利性,适用于空间受限的应用。

Image of Maxim’s Low-Power Arm® Cortex®-M4 with FPU-Based SOC for Wearable Sensors

Low-Power Arm® Cortex®-M4 with FPU-Based SOC for Wearable Sensors

Maxim's MAX32652 is an ultra-low power memory-scalable microcontroller. Maxim's MAX32660 is an ultra-low power, highly-integrated microcontroller.


产品培训模块 (PTM) 查看全部 (43)


MAX12900 Low Power Sensor Transmitter

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will discuss the common design challenges and the features and benefits of the MAX12900.

Image of Maxim's MAX31875 digital temperature sensor

MAX31875 Low-Power I²C Digital Temperature Sensor

Duration: 5 minutes

Introduction of the MAX31875, its features and benefits, applications and markets, as well as a list of additional product resources.


MAX14878 to MAX14880 Robust 5kV Isolated CAN Transceiver with Fault Protection

Duration: 5 minutes

This PTM will introduce the MAX14878 to MAX14880 Robust 5kV Isolated CAN Transceiver with Fault Protection.

Image of Maxim's MAX14748EWW+

MAX14748 USB Type-C Charger

Duration: 5 minutes

An introduction to the MAX14748 USB Type-C charger from Maxim, discussing design challenges, features, and a design application.

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SIMO Technology Overview using the MAX77650 PMIC

Watch as Gaurav demonstrates how easy it is to go from prototype to working design using the MAX32620FTHR development platform and the MAX44000 proximity sensor.

Maxim MAXM17532-MAXM15462 Power Modules | Digi-Key Daily

MAXM17532 from Maxim is a step-down DC-DC power module built in a compact uSLIC package.The MAXM17532 integrates a controller, MOSFETs, an inductor, and the compensation components.

Using the Peripheral Management Unit–Part 3: What’s in a Descriptor?

In this third installment, examine each of the eight peripheral management unit (PMU) instructions – also known as descriptors – and learn how they are used in simple programs to transfer data.

Using the Peripheral Management Unit–Part 4: A PMU Program

In this video, learn how to use the demo project to blink the LEDs using the PMU and the real-time clock (RTC).