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Maxim Integrated

市场不断发展。 规则不断改变。 为了缩短您的产品上市时间,您需要在每一个层级进行整合——从硅片到供应链。

让 Maxim Integrated 帮助您应对设计和架构挑战,您将会拥有针对工业、医疗、消费电子、汽车、能源、计算和通信领域的一体化解决方案。



Maxim Integrated 的医疗解决方案图片

四个解决方案页,简要介绍了 Maxim 丰富的模拟、通信和应用特定型 IC,并给出了相应框图。了解详情


Maxim Integrated 的应用

Maxim 在医疗、工业、通信、消费电子、电机控制和检测应用领域的特色产品。了解详情

mgineer 博客

Maxim 的 mgineer 博客图片


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Image of Maxim's Analog ICs Strengthen Designs Banner


Maxim 自动控制缩略图


Maxim 提供各种高性能模拟式、通信稳定以及创新的应用型 IC,来满足设计人员在许多工业控制与自动化应用方面的需求。了解详情

Maxim Integrated 的医疗解决方案图片


医疗解决方案提供商 - Maxim Integrated 的使命就是为其客户的系统提供增值型解决方案。 Maxim 就是您为下一个医疗产品设计寻找增值解决方案的目标。了解详情

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Image of Maxim Integrated's MAX-ECG-MONITOR

MAX-ECG-MONITOR 可穿戴装备评估和开发平台

Maxim 的 MAX-ECG-MONITOR 是一个用于监测临床级心电图和心率的评估和开发平台。

Image of Maxim MAX-HEALTH-BAND


Maxim 的 MAX-HEALTH-BAND 开发评估平台,包括心率和活动监视器,使设计人员能够为可穿戴设计提取生命体征和原始数据。

Image of Maxim's MAX30002 Single Channel Bioimpedance AFE

MAX30002 单通道阻抗模拟前端

Maxim 的 MAX30002 单通道阻抗是可穿戴式应用的低功率长电池寿命模拟前端 (AFE) 解决方案。

Image of Maxim's DS28E83 DeepCover® Radiation Resistant Authenticator

DS28E83 DeepCover® 抗辐射验证器

Maxim 的 DS28E83 DeepCover® 是单线验证器,带有用于嵌入式安全解决方案的加密工具。

Image of Maxim's MAX22505 High-Speed USB Port Protector

MAX22505 高速 USB 端口保护器

Maxim 的 MAX22505 采用 24 引脚、4 mm x 4 mm TQFN 裸焊盘封装,指定工作温度范围为 -40°C 至 +105°C。

Image of Maxim's MAX17608, MAX17609, and MAX17610 Reverse-Voltage Protectors

MAX17608、MAX17609 和 MAX17610 反向电压保护器

Maxim 的 MAX176xx 具有 5.5 V 至 60 V 的可调节输入过压保护范围和 4.5 V 至 59 V 的可调节输入欠压保护范围。


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MAX30001 Complete Biopotential and Bioimpedance Analog Front-End Solution for Wearable Healthcare Applications

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will give an overview of Maxim's MAX30001 part and the portfolio.

Image of Maxim Integrated's MAX14866 analog switch

MAX14866 16-Channel High-Voltage Analog Switch

Duration: 5 minutes

Introduction to the MAX14866 16-channel high voltage analog switch


Himalaya Power Module

Duration: 10 minutes

This presentation will provide overview of the Himalaya Power Modules from Maxim Integrated.


MAX12900 Low Power Sensor Transmitter

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will discuss the common design challenges and the features and benefits of the MAX12900.

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First Look Episode 7: MAX30001

Monitoring one’s heartbeat and other vital body information is becoming a high-demand application space at both ends of the scale, from advanced hospital-grade monitoring systems to “Prosumer” sports/health devices.

Publish Date: 2018-06-26

Maxim DeepCover Secure Authenticator Demonstration Kit | Digi-Key Daily

Maxim’s DS28C36 is a DeepCover Secure Authenticator that provides a core set of asymmetric-key and symmetric-key cryptographic security functions in a small, low-cost solution.

Publish Date: 2018-06-25

First Look Episode 8: MAX86141

Wearable health monitors and the environments these devices are demanded to perform in put pressure on the system designer to ensure that these systems are always accurate and reliable.

Publish Date: 2018-05-31

Educational Video–Industrial Digital Isolation

Learn about common data isolation technologies, why isolation is necessary and how to select the right digital isolator for your system.

Publish Date: 2018-05-18