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Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (ISSI)

- Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (ISSI) 是为下列主要市场设计、开发和销售高性能集成电路的技术领袖:(I) 汽车、(II) 通信、(III) 数字消费、(IV) 工业/医疗。 高速、低功耗 SRAM 和中低密度 DRAM 是该公司的主打产品。 该公司还设计销售 NOR 闪存产品、高性能模拟和混合信号集成电路。 该公司面向高增长市场提供低成本、高质量的半导体产品,并寻求与客户建立长期合作关系。 长期以来,该公司一直是存储器产品(包含较低密度和较小批量产品)的可靠供应商,即使在产能紧张的时期亦是如此。

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Image of ISSI SLC NAND Flash

适合汽车和工业市场的 SLC NAND 闪存

Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.(ISSI) 宣布已启动了其汽车级串行 (SPI) 和并行 SLC NAND 闪存的抽样生产装置。

Image of ISSI's IS43LD16640C/32320C LPDDR2 DRAMs

IS43LD16640C/32320C LPDDR2 DRAM

ISSI 的 IS43LD16640C/32320C 是 1 Gbit CMOS LPDDR2 DRAM,其结构为 8 个 16 位 8 兆字存储体或者 32 位 4 兆字存储体。

Image of ISSI's DDR3 SDRAM


ISSI 的 DDR3 SDRAM 器件采用 96 焊球 BGA 和 78 焊球 BGA 封装,非常适合电信/网络、汽车和工业应用。

Image of ISSI's IS31FL3733/36/37, Matrix FxLED Driver ICs

IS31FL3733/36/37 阵列 FxLED 驱动器 IC

ISSI 的 IS31FL3733/36/37 IC 支持单个 LED 照明控制,用于创建一种可配置的彩色动态阵列视觉效果,并具有故障报告功能。

Image of ISSI's DDR4 High-Speed Dynamic Random-Access Memory

DDR4 高速动态随机存取存储器

来自 ISSI (Integrated Silicon Solution Inc.) 的高速动态随机存取存储器内部配置为十六个存储体。

Image of ISSI's 3175 LED Driver

3175 LED 驱动器

Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.(ISSI) 提供其 IS32LT3175 多功能 AEC-Q100(汽车电子委员会)认证的线性 LED 驱动器,降低了 BOM 元件数量,适用于低成本、紧凑的设计。


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IS32LT3175 LED Driver

Duration: 5 minutes

This tutorial provides an overview of the features and benefits of the IS32LT3175 for automotive interior lighting.


Matrix LED Driver IC Solutions

Duration: 5 minutes

This PTM will discuss the LED driver matrix architecture, review some applications and provide an overview of ISSI’s matrix driver product family.

SPI Flash

SPI Flash

Duration: 5 minutes

SPI solutions offer multiple advantages over Parallel Flash solutions.



Duration: 10 minutes

In-DRAM ECC provides an advantage by removing additional requirements

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Color Bar Using IS31FL3236

The IS31FL3236 is comprised of 36 constant current channels each with independent PWM control, designed for driving LEDs. The output current of each channel can be set at up to 38mA (Max.) by an external resistor.

Logo Illumination Using the IS31FL3199

IS31FL3199 is a 9-channel light effect LED driver which features two-dimensional auto breathing mode and an audio modulated display mode. It has One Shot Programming mode and PWM Control mode for RGB lighting effects.

Logo Illumination Using the IS31FL3193

This is a demo of a logo lighted by the IS31FL3193 RGB LED driver.

LED Simulated Candle Using IS31FL3731

Video demonstrates driving 144 RGB LEDs using IS31FL3731 to simulate a candle blowing in the wind.