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Hammond Manufacturing

- Hammond Manufacturing Co. 创立于 1917 年,能够制造选择广泛的标准电子器件外壳和变压器。 该电子集团制造通用型、手持设备和仪器外壳,其产品材质为塑料(经济型苯乙烯或耐高冲击的阻燃型 ABS)、铝、压铸铝和钢。 此外,公司还提供机箱和配件。

Custom Enclosures

Image of Hammond's Custom Enclosures

When a standard enclosure isn’t exactly what you need, Hammond can modify our designs for the ideal enclosure solution. Learn More

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Image of Hammond's 1551MINI Subminiature Plastic Enclosures

1551MINI 系列 ABS 外壳

Hammond 的 1551MINI 系列通用超小型 ABS 塑料外壳提供三种尺寸和五种颜色选择。

Image of Hammond's 1590 Series Die-Cast Aluminum Enclosures

1590 系列压铸铝外壳

Hammond 1590 系列是 Hammond Manufacturing 制造的压铸铝外壳,其产品正在不断扩充完善当中。

Image of Hammond Manufacturing's 1590Z Series Enclosures

1590Z 系列外壳

1590Z 系列外壳是 Hammond Manufacturing 制造的拥有不断扩充选择的压铸外壳。

Image of Hammond's 1551USB Miniature Plastic USB Enclosures

1551USB 微型 USB 塑料外壳

Hammond 的 1551USB 微型塑料 USB 外壳非常适合用于加密狗和/或安装有 USB 连接器的小型印刷电路板。

Image of Hammond Manufacturing's 1455NHD Aluminum Enclosures

1455NHD 系列铝外壳

Hammond 为其广受欢迎的 1455 系列新增最新成员 1455NHD,它具有六个整体式散热片。

Image of Hammond Manufacturing's 1553W Handheld Enclosure

1553W 手持设备外壳

Hammond Manufacturing 针对多尘有水的环境推出 1553W IP65 密封版、时尚型、符合人体工学设计的 1553 系列手持设备外壳


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1590Z Series Enclosures

1590Z Series of Wall-Mount Water-Tight Enclosures

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will cover the overall design and key features of the product line as well as relevant industry standards, typical applications, and available accessories.

Hammond 1555 F Series

1555 F Series of Wall-Mount Water-Tight Enclosures

Duration: 5 minutes

1555F’s are suitable for any application requiring wall-mounting, protection from dust, oil, and water in a non-metallic package.

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Hammond 1457 Series Aluminum Enclosures | Digi-Key Daily

1457 Series from Hammond extends the capabilities of the 1455 extruded aluminum family of small enclosures with the addition of IP65 sealed die-cast aluminum end panels, enabling the enclosure to be used in dusty and wet environments.

A simple, cost effective enclosure for Arduino

Hammond's 1593HAMAR enclosure is compatible with Arduino Uno, Yun, Leonardo, and M0 Pro boards.

Hammond's unique solutions for Raspberry Pi

Hammond offers two unique solutions for Raspberry Pi. One is a snap-together plastic enclosure, and the other is a platform compatible with your favorite interlocking brick systems (hint, hint).

Plug In Isolation Transformers from Hammond

Hammond plug-in isolation transformers can prevent damage to sensitive electronics by reducing noise and surges caused by utilities or other loads on a circuit.