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ECS Inc. International

- ECS Inc. International 成立于 1980 年,现已发展成为全球知名度最高、最值得信赖的频率控制管理产品制造商之一。

ECS Inc. 拥有世界一流的设计和工程团队以及最先进的制造场地。他们的全球业务合作伙伴、营销、销售专业人员和客户关爱中心为全球一流的客户和分销渠道提供支持。


ECS-2520MV SMD Oscillator

Image of ECS's ECS-2520MV SMD Multi-Volt Crystal Oscillator

ECS-2520MV Multi-Volt SMD Crystal Oscillator – Ideal for Low Power/Portable, Industrial and IoT. Learn More

ECX-1210 Tuning Fork

Image of ECS' ECX-1210 Series 32.768 KHz Quartz Crystal

ECX-1210 Series 32.768 SMD Tuning Fork Crystal – Ideal for Wearable Applications. Learn More

ECS-33B Quartz Crystal

Image of ECS' ECS-33B Quartz Crystal

ECS-33B Compact SMD Crystal – Ideal for Wireless Applications, IoT/Wearables, SmartHome Sensors. Learn More

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Image of ECS' ECX-12R 32.768 kHz Low ESR Quartz Crystal

ECX-12R 32.768 kHz 低 ESR 石英晶体

ECS 的 ECX-12R 32.768 kHz 石英晶体提供扩展的工作温度范围,具有 50 kΩ 的极低 ESR。

Image of ECS' ECX-49 32.768 kHz SMD Quartz Crystal

ECX-49 32.768 kHz SMD 石英晶体

ECS 的 ECX-49 32.768 kHz 石英晶体是紧凑的 SMD,具有扩展的温度范围。

Image of ECS's ECS-2520MV SMD Multi-Volt Crystal Oscillator

ECS-2520MV SMD Multi-Volt Crystal Oscillator

ECS's ECS-2520MV is a miniature SMD HCMOS oscillator with multi-volt capability. The small ceramic package is ideal for low power/portable, industrial, and IoT.

Image of ECS' ECS-MPI2520 Miniature Power Inductors

ECS-MPI2520 微型功率电感器

ECS 的 ECS-MPI2520 2.5 mm x 2.0 mm 封装非常适合对尺寸具有关键要求的工业、信息娱乐系统和消费类电子产品。

Image of ECS' ECS-33B Quartz Crystal

ECS-33G 石英晶体

ECS 的小型 ECS-33B 紧凑型 SMD 晶体,采用标准 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm x 0.8 mm 陶瓷封装,是无线应用的理想选择。

Image of ECS' ECS-23G Quartz Crystal

ECS-23G 石英晶体

ECS 的 ECS-23 G 采用行业标准 6 mm x 3.5 mm x 1.2 mm 陶瓷封装,非常适合用于当今的 SMD 生产环境。


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Monolithic Crystal Filters

Monolithic Crystal Filters

Duration: 5 minutes

Monolithic crystal filters offer a lower cost and overall smaller package solution compared to a discrete filter network.


Miniature CSM-3X and HC-46X Series Crystals

Duration: 5 minutes

CSM-3X and HC-46X Series Crystals have a smaller design size, are more cost effective, and are highly reliable when compared to competing frequency products.

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What is Resonant Frequency?

Resonance occurs when a system is able to store and easily transfer energy between different storage modes, such as Kinetic energy or Potential energy as you would find with a simple pendulum.

Publish Date: 2018-08-07

Motional Inductance and Capacitance

The diagram displayed describes Inductance and Capacitance values that comprise the crystal's electrical LC model. These large values are what give a crystal it’s extraordinarily high quality factor.

Publish Date: 2018-08-07

Your Electronic Component Solution

ECS International, your highest quality manufacturer of Crystal oscillators. We are your electronic component solution.

Publish Date: 2018-08-07

Load Capacitance

Load capacitance is the amount of external circuit capacitance in parallel with the crystal itself. In this example the crystals parallel-resonance mode is always above the series resonance frequency and is characterized by inductive reactance.

Publish Date: 2018-08-07