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Conductive Containers, Inc.

- Conductive Containers, Inc. 由 Corstat(第一个导电瓦楞包装)的发明者创立。CCI 解决了成千上万的静电问题,并在创造静电控制解决方案方面积累了大量专业知识。近 40 年来,CCI 一直致力于静电敏感电子元件的保护,是 ESD 协会唯一一家仅涉及静电保护包装的特许成员。

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Welcome to CCI

A high-level introduction to Conductive Containers, Inc. An overview of available materials, processes, and general information.

Publish Date: 2019-03-01

KleanStat Injection Molded Case

Cases that are ESD safe and permanently dissipative.

Publish Date: 2019-03-01

Tacki Pak Off Road Test

Conductive Containers, Inc puts their innovative new product "Tacki Pak" to the test.

Publish Date: 2019-03-01