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BUD Industries, Inc.

- Bud Industries, Inc 是电子和数据领域领先的外壳制造商。 Bud Industries 以创新设计著称,推出了第一款可叠接塑料电子外壳、 第一款全透明 NEMA 级外壳,以及一系列便携式铝制仪器外壳,让各种应用具有了以前无法实现的便携性。


Custom Enclosures

Image of Bud's Custom Enclosures

Bud and Digi-Key are a one stop shopping point for complete purchases of enclosures or racks. Learn More

Image of Bud's ECIA's 2018 North Star Award Banner

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Image of BUD Industries' FBR Series Enclosures

FR 系列光纤分配箱

Bud Industries FBR 系列光纤分配箱是全封闭结构,采用高品质轻型聚碳酸酯 ABS 混合材料模制而成。

Image of Bud Industries' PTT Series

PTT 系列接线盒

Bud Industries 耐冲击 (IK 07/08) 端子块接线盒提供保护并简化接线操作。

Image of Bud Industries PTK Series Polycarbonate Enclosures

带顶脱板的 PTK 系列聚碳酸酯外壳

Bud Industries 的高冲击抗性灰色聚碳酸酯 (PC) 树脂 10% 玻璃纤维填充模制铰链封盖外壳的防护等级为 IP67 (TUV)。

Image of Bud Industries' Raspberry Pi Microcomputer Enclosures

Raspberry Pi Microcomputer Enclosures

Bud Industries' Raspberry Pi ABS plastic enclosures specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 3B, and 3B+.

Image of Bud Industries' AN-Series Waterproof Enclosures

AN-A 系列防水外壳

Bud Industries AN-A 系列压铸铝防水外壳系列非常适合用作敏感电子组件的外壳,其设计防护等级为 IP68 标准。

Image of BUD Industries' ATX Series Enclosures

ATX 系列外壳

Bud Industries 推出高品质 ATEX 认证防爆外壳。


产品培训模块 (PTM) 查看全部 (3)

Image of Bud Industries NEMA and IP rated enclosure

NEMA and IP Enclosure Ratings

Duration: 5 minutes

Introduction to NEMA and IP protections and the enclosure options Bud Industries provides.

ANS Enclosures

ANS Enclosures

Duration: 5 minutes

ANS enclosures are incredibly durable due to their rugged die cast construction and are readily modified to meet a set of specific needs.

NEMA Enclosure Pitfalls

Avoiding the Top 5 Pitfalls of NEMA Enclosures

Duration: 15 minutes

Background of the NEMA, and the five most common mistakes made while designing and selecting NEMA enclosures.

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Bud Industries Digital Printer Introduction

Bud Industries Digital Printer is now available for use on both metal or plastic enclosures as part of their custom or modified enclosure options. Contact Digi-Key at to quote your enclosure opportunity.

Publish Date: 2018-09-24

Enclosure Modifications: Quick Steps to 5-Day Delivery

Bud Industries has pioneered rapid turnaround for modifications to its broad line of standard enclosures. Here are the quick steps to making it happen.

Publish Date: 2017-05-12

Bud Industries NF Series NEMA 4x Fiberglass Enclosure

A value priced NEMA 4x rated Fiberglass Enclosure

Publish Date: 2017-05-12

Bud's DMX Series IP66 Extruded Din Rail Box

The DMX series offers a stylish range of boxes that mount to Din Rails, are IP66 rated, and come with optional pc cards

Publish Date: 2017-05-12