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Bel Fuse

- Bel Fuse 的电路保护产品系列包括目前市场上使用最广泛的电路保护产品之一。 在整个行业向板级表面贴装保险丝设计转型升级的过程中,Bel Fuse 凭借旗下采用 0603 封装的 C2Q 片式保险丝一直走在最前沿。 如今,许多小型手持式设备都采用了这一最新技术,Bel Fuse 为此作出了重要贡献!

该系列还包括 PCB 安装的 277V 径向保险丝,以及所有标准玻璃和陶瓷管状保险丝,包括带轴向引线的板安装选用型。 Bel Fuse 还提供全系列的 PPTC 自恢复保险丝。 除标准产品外,Bel Fuse 还提供广泛的增值选配型,以实现更高效的生产线组装。 相关产品品牌包括:BelBel Power SolutionsCinch Connectivity SolutionsSignal TransformerStewart ConnectorTRP Connector


Bel Fuse 电路保护产品组合的图片

Bel Fuse 的电路保护产品系列包括目前市场上使用最广泛的电路保护产品之一。了解详情

LAN 分立变压器模块

Bel Fuse Inc 的 LAN 分立变压器模块

Bel Fuse, Inc. 的 LAN 变压器模块专为满足最常见的 10/100 Base-TX 和千兆以太网铜 LAN 传输数据标准而设计。了解详情

MagJack 集成连接器模块

Bel Fuse 的 MagJack 集成式连接器模块

Bel Fuse 的 MagJack® 集成连接器模块 (ICM) 产品线是 Bel Fuse 和 Stewart 的第一大系列产品,适用于各种以太网网络应用。了解详情

Image of Bel's Latest Products

Featured Products

Image of Bel Fuse Inc's Brick SMT Fuse Portfolio

Brick SMT Fuse Portfolio

Bel Fuse presents surface mount, ceramic tube/end cap fuse constructions, with U.S. (UL/CSA), Europe (VDE/Semko), China (CCC), and Japan (PSE) safety agency approvals. Learn More

Image of Bel Fuse Inc's RJS Series Telecom Power Cross and Ballast Protection

RJS Series Telecom Power Cross and Ballast Protection

The RJS series fuses from Bel Fuse, Inc. are primarily intended for use as a cost effective solution for telecommunication circuit applications that require low-current protection with high-surge tolerance and must comply to test requirements according to UL/IEC1950/60950 and Telcordia GR1089, Issue 3. Learn More

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BEL Power Protect Connec


Bel Solutions 业务涉及产品设计、制造和销售,应用领域包括电路保护、连接、磁性元件和电源等。

Image of Bel Magnetic Solutions MagJack® ICM 1GBase-T

Automotive Ethernet Compatible 1GBase-T MagJack® ICM

Bel Magnetic Solutions' 1GBase-T MagJack ICM is designed for next-generation vehicles that utilize Ethernet signaling inside the automobile.

Image of Bel Magnetic Solutions Single-Port Magnetic Modules and Jacks

以太网供电 NBASE-T/802.3bz 磁性模块和插孔

Bel Magnetic Solutions 的 60 W 4 对、以太网供电 (PoE) 磁性模块和 Magjacks® 让客户能够升级现有 1GBase-T PoE 产品。

Image of Bel Fuse's High Voltage 600 V and 1 K VAC/VDC 6.3 mm x 32 mm Fuses 0ADAx and 0ADBx Series

高电压 600 V 和 1 K VAC/VDC 6.3 mm x 32 mm 保险丝 - 0ADAx 和 0ADBx 系列

Bel Fuse 的 0ADAx 和 0ADBx 系列 600 V 和 1 K VAC/DAC 额定电压保险丝设计用于高能量和高功率应用。

Image of Bel Fuse's Low Profile DC/DC DOSA 6 A and 12 A Converters - SLDM Series

扁平型 DC/DC DOSA 6 A 和 12 A 转换器 - SLDM 系列

Bel 的 SLDM 06D1Ax 和 SLDM 12D1Ax DC/DC 转换器模块提供高达 6 A 和 12 A 输出电流,采用极扁平的外型设计。

Image of Bel Power Solutions' Isolated DC/DC Converter 200 W Quarter Brick - 0RQB-D0W12L

隔离式 DC-DC 转换器 200 W 四分之一砖 - 0RQB-D0W12L

Bel Power Solutions 的 0RQB-D0W12L 隔离式 DC/DC 转换器以宽输入范围(72 V、96 V 和 110 V 典型值)提供高达 200 W 的输出功率。



Bel Fuse 电路保护重点产品目录的图片


为您介绍 Bel Fuse 的电路保护产品组合。了解详情

Bel Fuse 的保险丝对照检索图片


竞争产品零件编号和同类 Bel Fuse Inc. 保险丝。了解详情

Bel Fuse 的保险丝术语图片



Bel Fuse 产品选型用户指南的图片

保险丝安全选型 / 用户指南

第 3 方安全认证的电路保护注意事项。了解详情

Bel Fuse I2T 解释的图片

I2t 测试方法和数据提交

如何根据 I2t 值从不同保险丝制造商的产品中选择合适的保险丝。了解详情

Bel Fuse 的 PTC 自恢复保险丝对照检索的图片

PTC 自恢复对照检索

竞争产品零件编号和同类 Bel Fuse Inc. 保险丝。了解详情

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Integrated Connector Module, ICM

Duration: 10 minutes

ICM is a single module made of a combination of magnetic and discrete components, which eases the conversion from the physical layer to the physical media.

MagJack® Integrated Magnetics Modular Jacks

MagJack® Integrated Magnetics Modular Jacks

Duration: 15 minutes

The MagJack family of highly integrated Ethernet connector modules offer design flexibility, RoHS compatibility, reliability, and manufacturing testing methods.


Modular Jack EPP-918A Environmental Protection Gel

Duration: 5 minutes

EPP-918A Compound helps prevent corrosion due to harsh environments and usage, is RoHS6 compliant, and contains a UV tracer to assist in visual inspection.


ARJ45 Category 7a Modular Connector System

Duration: 10 minutes

The ARJ45 connector system was designed for high performance Category 7a and Class Fa systems.

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Bel Fuse MagJacks ICM | Digi-Key Daily

MagJack® from Bel Fuse integrated connector module (ICM) product-line is Bel Fuse and Stewart’s premier family of products for Ethernet networking applications, ranging from 10/100 BaseT to 10 GBaseT, to PoE(plus).

Publish Date: 2017-08-22

Bel Powerline Communication Modules | Digi-Key Daily

Bel Fuse's power module provides an integrated solution for powerline communications with the “black box” design that requires no external software and only a few external components to create a working solution.

Publish Date: 2017-05-17

Bel ABC/MBC Low-Profile Series Power Supplies | Digi-Key Daily

Bel Power Solutions offer its ABC and MBC series of low-profile, AC-DC / DC-DC, open-frame power supplies.

Publish Date: 2016-12-14

Bel Fuse 0659C and 0659P Time-Lag Fuses | Digi-Key Daily

Bel Fuse's 0659C and 0659P time-lag fuses are high surge, high capacity ceramic fuses ideal for power supply and power adapter applications.

Publish Date: 2016-06-27