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AVX Corporation

- AVX Corporation 是无源电子元器件和互连产品领域公认的全球领导者。 通过尖端研究、专业设计能力和材料技术来提升性能、降低总成本,AVX Corporation 每年都会欣然接受帮助设计工程师们实现优异产品性能的各种挑战。 凭借在全球四大洲十七个国家的生产能力,AVX 立足全球,能够满足客户的各种需求。


9155-800 系列连接器

AVX 9155-800 系列连接器的图片

许多年来,AVX 的电池连接器已大量应用于电池组、可拆卸或插接式模块,以及传统板对板连接。了解详情

TCN Series Polymer Low Profile Capacitors

Image of AVX Corporation's TCN Series Polymer Low-Profile Capacitors

AVX's TCN series, SMD, tantalum polymer capacitors feature conductive polymer electrodes to reduce ignition failure mode. Learn More

SCC and SCM Series Supercapacitors

Image of AVX SCC Series Cylindrical Supercapacitors

The AVX series of electrochemical double-layer capacitors offers excellent pulse power handling characteristics. Learn More

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AVX Polymers

Polymer Solid Electrolytic Capacitors

AVX’s polymer solid electrolytic capacitors with low ESR and case sizes as small as 0603 are ideal for applications including smartphones, PCs, SSD, and more. Learn More

Image of Kyocera's K Series Oscillators

K-Series Clock Oscillators

AVX/Kyocera's K-series surface-mount clock oscillators feature CMOS output and a 1.5 MHz to 80 MHz frequency range. Learn More

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Image of AVX F98 Series Capacitors

F98 系列电容器

AVX F98 系列固体钽电解电容器是小型 SMD、树脂模制片式器件,具有 1 µF - 200 µF 的高电容。

Image of AVX Corporation STRIPT™ Single Contact Connectors

STRIPT™ 单触头连接器

AVX 的展露连接器能帮助简化了设计和保持板空间和/或高度节省,同时,保持鲁棒性和可靠性。

Image of AVX's MM Series - MLCC for Medical Applications

MM 系列医疗应用 MLCC

AVX MM 系列是专为除可植入/生命支持外的医疗应用而设计的多层陶瓷电容器。

Image of AVX's STRIPT Single IDC Contact 12-18 AWG

STRIPT™ 单 IDC 触头 12-18 AWG

AVX STRIPT 绝缘穿刺式裸触头技术提供了用于分立式电线应用的高性价比、无绝缘子、线对板连接。

Image of AVX Corporation AP Series Antenna PowerGuard Multilayer Varistors

AP 系列 Antenna PowerGuard 多层变阻器

AVX 的 Antenna PowerGuard AP 系列先进变阻器产品是极受欢迎的 AG 系列 AntennaGuard 的超低电容版本。

Image of AVX's GiGuard ESD Protection Diodes

GiGuard ESD 保护二极管

AVX 的双向、无引线瞬态电压抑制器二极管提供用于高速通信和数据线路的 ESD 保护。



AVX SpiCALCI 10.0 的图片

SpiCALCI 10.0

SpiCALCI 是一款工程设计工具,用于计算开关模式电源电容器的性能特征和参数。 仅限兼容 PC 兼容机。了解详情

AVX SpiCAP 3.0 的图片

SpiCAP 3.0

SpiCap 是一款在线工程设计工具,用于定义 AVX 陶瓷贴片电容器的频率响应和电压系数。了解详情

AVX 的设计工具


有关更多的 AVX 工具。了解详情

AVX 的 SpiTAN IV 图片

SpiTAN IV(网络版 - 聚合物、钽和铌电容器)

SpiTan 用于定义 AVX 片式钽电容器、片式轴向液钽电容器的频率响应。 主要的新特性包括,如相对频率和温度的最大 ESR 曲线、相对时间的最高漏电流曲线、S 参数 s2p 文件生成器等。了解详情

AVX Modelithics 的图片

Modelithics™ 型号

Modelithics Global Models™ 能可靠地跟踪每个元件的性能如何随基底特性发生变化。了解详情

AVX Select-a-Cap 6.1 的图片

Select-A-Cap 6.1(聚合物、钽、铌电容器)

这款软件会根据应用电路的参数(含相应的降额),为您推荐 AVX SMD 聚合物、钽和铌电容器。了解详情

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32.768KHz Timing Solutions

32.768KHz Timing Solutions

Duration: 5 minutes

Offering solutions from real time clock modules to tuning fork crystals.

Air Core

Air Core Inductors

Duration: 5 minutes

AVX's AL and AS series of air core inductors feature excellent SRF, very high Q, high current up to 4.4 amperes, miniature size, and low inductance.

TVS Diode

TVS Diode Overview

Duration: 10 minutes

AVX's SMA, SMB, and SMC series of TVS diodes feature low leakage and very fast response time. Applications include DC-powered systems and more.

High Power Resistive Products

High Power Resistive Products

Duration: 5 minutes

AVX's high power resistive products have high power resistors, terminations, and attenuators that are optimized for maximum power handling and lower VSWR.

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AVX Tantalum Capacitors | Digi-Key Daily

F98 series solid tantalum electrolytic capacitors from AVX are small, SMD, resin-molded chips with high capacitance between 1 µF and 200 µF and rated voltages between 4 V and 25 V.

AVX Polymer Solid Electrolytic Capacitors | Digi-Key Daily

AVX offers a broad range of conductive polymer solid electrolytic capacitors, targeting general and specific market requirements.

AVX SCC and SCM Series Supercapacitors | Digi-Key Daily

The AVX series of electrochemical double-layer capacitors offer excellent pulse power handling characteristics based on the combination of very high capacitance and very low ESR.

AVX 9177 Series IDC | Digi-Key Daily

AVX's 9177 series of surface mount Insulation Displacement Connectors allows users to connect individual wires to a single row of contact.