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Alpha Wire

- Alpha Wire 为众多应用和市场设计制造电线、电缆、管件和配件,帮助客户应对在关键的生产和制造难题。 Alpha 产品集最优品质和享有盛誉的客户服务于一身,用了它们意味着高枕无忧。 Alpha Wire 的 Xtra-guard® 系列高性能电缆旗舰产品在苛刻的环境下性能优异,而新的 EcoGen™ 产品系列则是传统 PVC 电线、电缆的环境友好型替代品。 Alpha FIT® 热缩管和线管理产品为电气、电子布线的密封和保护提供了一种可靠的方法。 Alpha 向全球提供 12 个产品系列、50,000 多种产品,致力于为任何一种应用都提供合适的产品。



Coast 定制电缆

Alpha Wire 提供 Coast 可定制线缆,满足任何应用的品质、成本和设计目标要求。立即向 Digi-Key 询价订购!了解详情

Alpha Wire 的 EcoCable® Mini 电缆

EcoCable® Mini 电缆

- 恰到好处的小。EcoCable Mini 电缆是 AlphaWire 推出的完全可回收高性能电缆,也是迄今为止最小、最轻的电缆。了解详情

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Image of Alpha Wire's ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire

ThermoThin 电子线

Alpha Wire 的 ThermoThin 电子线节省空间、重量轻,可满足对耐高温线缆的需求。

Image of Alpha Wire's Alpha Connect Passive Distribution Boxes

Alpha Connect 无源配电盒

Alpha Wire 的 Alpha Connect 无源配电盒提供热塑性、压铸或不锈钢外壳选择。

Image of Alpha Wire's Manhattan Multi-Conductor Cable

Alpha Essentials 多芯电缆

Alpha Wire 的 Alpha Essentials 通信和控制电缆提供了极广的选择而无需用户妥协和折衷。

Image of Alpha Wire's M12 Flexible Cordsets

M12 柔性电源线

Alpha Wire 提供 M12 柔性电源线。该产品具有工业级温度范围,抗振耐冲击,弯曲寿命多达五百万次。

Image of Alpha Wire's Connect M8 Cordsets

Alpha Connect M8 电源线缆

Alpha Wire 的 Alpha Connect M8 加固型包塑电源线缆组件为我们提供了一种便利的即插即用解决方案。

Image of Alpha Wire's Wrappable Sleeving GRP-130

FIT® 电线管理 RP-130 可缠绕套管

Alpha Wire GRP-130 系列可缠绕套管具有半刚性编织结构,可快速、轻松地安装套管。


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Image of Alpha Wire Coast Custom Cable

Coast™ Custom Cable Capabilities

Duration: 5 minutes

This tutorial will provide an overview of Coast custom cable capabilities, including the sizes and types of custom constructions available and their ideal markets.

MPPE Insulation

Miniaturizing Wire and Cable Components with MPPE Insulation

Duration: 10 minutes

MPPE is cost friendly, lighter, higher performing, and stronger electrically and physically when compared to PVC, creating new possibilities of the use of MPPE.

Wire and Cable

Basics of Wire and Cable

Duration: 15 minutes

Electrical and physical characteristics of wire insulation and jackets which effect cable performance and should be considered when choosing cable.

EcoWire® Hook-Up Wire

EcoWire® Hook-Up Wire

Duration: 5 minutes

AlphaWire’s EcoWire hook-up wire product and comparison of the advantages of Noryl insulation versus traditional PVC.

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Alpha Wire Thermo Thin Hook-Up Wire | Digi-Key Daily

ThermoThin hook-up wire from Alpha Wire delivers 600 V performance across an exceptionally wide temperature range of -150°C to +300°C, and is well suited for applications where premium performance must be matched with space and weight savings.

EcoCable® and EcoFlex® Recyclable Control Cables by Alpha Wire

Dave Watson, Director of Engineering at Alpha Wire, introduces the latest in recyclable control cables, EcoCable and EcoFlex.

NEW! Alpha Wire EcoCable Mini

AlphaWire’s newest, completely recyclable high-performance cable is also our smallest and lightest to date.

Wire and Cable for Military Applications

Wire and Cable for Military Applications