J1939 Connector

AT Circular (ATC) J1939 Connector Series

Amphenol Industrial Operations

The presentation will introduce the AT Circular connection system. It will cover the features and potential application markets for these connectors and highlight mechanical, material, and electrical characteristics. The tutorial will review the part number information for the parts in the series and present typical applications. The AT Circular Series started as a 9 pin black thermoplastic connector in accordance with the J1939 specification interface. The line has been expanded to include a five and three contact version along with a strain relief option for the nine pin. Two available shell style are the square flange and jam nut (which is ideal for quick installation by not requiring screws). AT Contact technology is already used successfully at major OEM’s and features machined contacts with both nickel and gold plating.

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图片制造商零件编号描述侵入防护_697备注_1281外壳尺寸 - 插件_215可供货数量View Details
ATC-17-9-1939PN datasheet linkCONN RCPT HSNG MALE 9POS PNL MNTATC-17-9-1939PNCONN RCPT HSNG MALE 9POS PNL MNT防恶劣环境密封结构不含触头;不含防松螺母9-1939659 - 立即发货
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ATC-09-9-1939PN datasheet linkCONN RCPT HSNG MALE 9POS PNL MNTATC-09-9-1939PNCONN RCPT HSNG MALE 9POS PNL MNT防恶劣环境密封结构不含触头9-1939202 - 立即发货
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ATC-10-3PN datasheet linkCONN RCPT HSNG MALE 3POS PNL MNTATC-10-3PNCONN RCPT HSNG MALE 3POS PNL MNT防恶劣环境密封结构不含触头396 - 立即发货
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ATC-10-5PN datasheet linkCONN RCPT HSNG MALE 5POS PNL MNTATC-10-5PNCONN RCPT HSNG MALE 5POS PNL MNT防恶劣环境密封结构不含触头5100 - 立即发货
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ATC-10-9-1939PN datasheet linkCONN RCPT HSNG MALE 9POS PNL MNTATC-10-9-1939PNCONN RCPT HSNG MALE 9POS PNL MNT防恶劣环境密封结构不含触头9-193934 - 立即发货
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图片制造商零件编号描述工作流模板_1323材料_70特性_5可供货数量View Details
AWS9-1939 datasheet linkCONN WAVE SPRING FOR J1939 RCPTAWS9-1939CONN WAVE SPRING FOR J1939 RCPTCompleted - Digi-Key--300 - 立即发货
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ATC10-RC3C datasheet linkCONN CAP SZ 3 W/LANYARDATC10-RC3CCONN CAP SZ 3 W/LANYARDCompleted - Digi-Key-系索99 - 立即发货
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ALHN-19 datasheet linkCONN HEX NUT SZ 9-1939ALHN-19CONN HEX NUT SZ 9-1939Completed - Digi-Key--603 - 立即发货
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ATC10-RC9L datasheet linkCONN CAP SZ 9 W/LANYARDATC10-RC9LCONN CAP SZ 9 W/LANYARDCompleted - Digi-Key-系索112 - 立即发货
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ASR9-1939 datasheet linkCONN BACKSHELL SZ9-1939 1 3/8-18ASR9-1939CONN BACKSHELL SZ9-1939 1 3/8-18--无屏蔽344 - 立即发货
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PTM Published on: 2016-03-22