The Inspiration Behind Engineering – National Engineers Week Wrap-Up

Over the past 5 years, National Engineers Week has given Digi-Key an opportunity to highlight the innovation and advancement of electronics and technology by our customers and employees. We took a special look at what inspired some of our engineers to pursue the work that they do today and advice they have for the future of engineering.

Taylor Roorda – Assoc. Applications Engineer

What first inspired Taylor? – “I was (and still am) a huge sci-fi nerd and I’m fascinated by computers and electronics. Basically, I just want to make cool things.”

What are a couple important inventions? – “Electricity, smartphones, airplane, microwave”

Advice for future engineers? – “Engage in real engineering activities, like robotics or programming, in school.”

Brandon Tougas – Sr. Manager, Procurement & Asset Management

What first inspired Brandon? – “I’m fascinated by technology and the new types of products being made in our industry.”

What inspires him now? – “The same. I enjoy getting to see what our suppliers develop after we purchase the parts from them.”

What is a problem that needs to be solved? – “The lack of interest in engineering and science.”

Elizabeth Meyer – Software Engineer

What first inspired Elizabeth? – “A man came recruiting computer science students at my high school and gave an interesting presentation that I felt compelled to challenge and prove wrong.”

What does she find most rewarding? – “A customers’ response of ‘yes!’, ‘that’s so awesome’, ‘oh, finally’, ‘thank you’, etc. when I make their lives easier.”

Advice for future engineers? – “It’s important to be exposed to some technology/engineering classes prior to graduating high school.”

Kenneth Rohde – Senior Material Handling Design Engineer

What first inspired Kenneth? – “The desire to know how things work. I enjoy taking things apart and trying to fix them.”

What inspires him now? – “The way technology is being applied to try and improve every aspect of our lives.”

Advice for future engineers? – “Nourish your curiosity and encourage others to keep asking ‘why’.”

In summary, it was great to be able to feature four of our engineering employees with such varied and diverse backgrounds and engineering disciplines. A common theme came through from each interview – they all became interested in engineering due to their love of science and technology. And the advice for our next-generation of engineers?

  • Get involved in science/technology early and often
  • Ask questions (lots of them!) and don’t be afraid to explore your interests


Image of Kayla Krosschell

Kayla Krosschell 是公关和营销传播专员,2013 年加入 Digi-Key Electronics 团队。她在北达科他大学获得了大众传媒专业文学学士学位,并且是美国公共关系协会 (PRSA) 的会员。Kayla 目前的工作职责包括新闻稿撰写、媒体关系、整合营销活动、材料编写与校对、广告与网络文案以及社区外联。业余时间,Kayla 喜欢远行去参加北达科他大学的体育活动,偶尔也会小喝一两杯啤酒。

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