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Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage

- Toshiba Semiconductor & Storage 提供种类齐全的使能技术解决方案,帮助 OEM、 ODM、CM 和无工厂芯片公司开发用于计算、网络、通信、数字消费、汽车及其它市场的先进集成产品。

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Toshiba's Fifth Generation Deep Trench Process Super Junction MOSFETs

Fifth-Generation Deep Trench Process Super Junction MOSFETs

Toshiba's next generation of super junction deep trench semiconductor technology for high-efficient power MOSFETs is based on the new DTMOS V process and operate with lower EMI noise and reduced on resistance.

Image of Toshiba's TCR3DGxx LDO IC PMIC Voltage Regulators


Toshiba 最新的 LDO 封装创造出目前市场上最小的 300 mA LDO。

Image of Toshiba's TCR13AGADJ CMOS Ultra-Low, Drop-Out Regulator


Toshiba 的 TCR13AGADJ 是 CMOS 单输出稳压器,具有开/关控制输入。

Image of Toshiba's TLP172AM and TLP172GM Photorelays

TLP172AM 和 TLP172GM 光继电器

Toshiba 推出采用 4 引脚 SO6 封装的 TLP172AM 和 TLP172GM 光继电器,具有最大 +110°C 的工作温度。

Image of Toshiba's Gen-4 Super-Junction MOSFET Series

第 4 代超级结 600 V、650 V 和 800 V DTMOS IV MOSFET 系列

Toshiba 开发出第 4 代超级结 600 V、650 V 和 800 V DTMOS IV MOSFET 系列。

Image of Toshiba's Low Power Discrete Semiconductors for the Internet of Things (IoT)

用于物联网 (IoT) 的低功耗分立式半导体器件

Toshiba 提供非常适合下一代小型项目的分立元件,强化了业界领先的性能和低功耗。


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Image of Toshiba Load Switch IC

Load Switch IC

Duration: 10 minutes

Introduction to load switch ICs and Toshiba's IC product portfolio which highlights the features, benefits, and also provides examples of IC applications.

TVS Diode

ESD Protection Diodes

Duration: 5 minutes

The tutorial will review the unique features of the Toshiba ESD protection diodes and introduce the product portfolio.

Linear Voltage Regulators

Low Dropout Regulator (LDO)

Duration: 5 minutes

Low Dropout Regulators are commonly found and used in power management ICs for any demanding voltage regulation applications.

Dual supply


Duration: 5 minutes

TCR5AM series is suited for the application which needs high current and low dropout

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Toshiba TVS Diode (EAP-IV)

Toshiba’s 4th generation ESD protection diode (EAP-IV), achieves top level low dynamic resistance and low clamping voltages. It protects devices from ESD circuit destruction and degradation over time.