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Texas Instruments

- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) 是一家开发模拟 IC 和嵌入式处理器的全球半导体设计和制造公司。 TI 雇用世界上最聪明的精英,创造的是影响未来的创新技术。 如今 TI 正帮助 100,000 多个客户改变未来。

TI 技术中心

TI 技术中心

Digi-Key 的 Texas Instruments 技术中心是您获取各种 TI 元件解决方案的渠道。了解详情


Texas Instruments 应用中心

触手可及的 Texas Instruments 和 Digi-Key Electronics 工业、汽车、通信和消费电子解决方案。了解详情


Texas Instruments 工具和支持

Texas Instruments 工具和支持页面包括众多文章和视频,全部由 Digi-Key Electronics 收集整理。了解详情

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Image of Texas Instruments' Fitting High-Tech, Capacitive Webinar Banner


TI 的 MSP CapTIvate 开发套件图片

MSP-CAPT-FR2633 - MSP CapTIvate™ MCU 开发套件

Texas Instruments 的 MSP CapTIvate MCU 开发套件是一个全面、简单易用的平台,用于评估采用 CapTIvate 触摸技术的 MSP430FR2633 微控制器。了解详情

TI 的 bq25120 电池充电管理解决方案图片

BQ25120 电池充电管理解决方案

用于可穿戴设备和 IoT 的 700 nA、低 Iq、高集成度电池充电管理解决方案。了解详情

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Image of Texas Instruments' DRV832x 60 V Three-Phase Smart Gate Drivers

DRV832x 60 V 三相智能栅极驱动器

Texas Instruments DRV832x 系列器件是集成式 6 V 到 60 V 栅极驱动器,用于三相电机驱动应用。

Image of Mikroelektronika MIKROE-2389 ccRF 3 Click Board™

MIKROE-2389 ccRF 3 Click Board™

The MIKROE-2389 ccRF 3 click from MikroElektronika features the CC1120 high-performance RF transceiver for narrowband systems from Texas Instruments.

Image of Texas Instruments' xx555 Single Precision Timers

xx555 单一精密定时器

Texas Instruments 的 xx555 定时器广受欢迎、使用方便,适合用于从 10 μs 至数小时或从 < 1 mHz 至 100 kHz 的通用定时应用。

Image of Texas Instruments' LMx24N Low Power Quad Operational Amplifiers

LMx24N 低功耗四通道运算放大器

Texas Instruments LMx24N 系列是运算放大器,采用单电源供电,并具有真正的差分输入。

Image of Texas Instruments' UCC20225 Isolated Dual-Channel Gate Driver

UCC20225 Isolated Dual-Channel Gate Driver

Texas Instruments' UCC20225 is a flexible dual gate driver which can be configured to fit a variety of power supply and motor drive topologies.

Image of Texas Instruments' DRV5032 Digital-Switch Hall Effect Sensors

DRV5032 数字开关霍尔效应传感器

Texas Instruments 的 DRV5032 器件是具有可指示何时越过磁通密度阈值的数字输出的磁性传感器。



Texas Instruments 的 WEBENCH® 设计中心图片


采用功能强大的 WEBENCH 设计工具构建定制电路。 这些工具使用简单,能在数秒内为您完成定制电源、照明、滤波、时钟和检测设计。了解详情

Texas Instruments 的参考设计图片

TI Designs

- TI Designs 能让您实现系统设计大跨越,加快上市时间。 这些全面的设计包括原理图或框图、BOM、设计文件以及由深刻了解系统和产品的专家编写的测试报告。了解详情

Texas Instruments 的 E2E 社区图片

E2E 合区

欢迎加入 Texas Instruments 全新的 TI E2E(工程师面对面)在线社区! 我们诚邀阁下自由、坦诚地与同行工程师、TI 工程师和其他专家进行互动。在此期间,您可以提出问题、分享知识、探索思想、协助解决问题。了解详情

Texas Instruments 的 Code Composer Studio™ IDE 图片

Code Composer Studio™ IDE

无论您在云端还是在您的台式电脑旁,只要利用 Code Composer Studio™ IDE,您就能编辑、构建、调试经过高度优化的嵌入式应用。了解详情

Texas Instruments 的 Power Stage Designer 工具

Power Stage Designer™ 工具

利用 TI 的 Power Stage Designer™ 工具为最常用的开关模式电源设计功率级。 了解详情



在 Digi-Key 的参考设计库中查找 TI 设计。了解详情

产品培训模块 (PTM) 查看全部 (176)

MSP430FR599x Series of Mixed Signal Microcontrollers

MSP430FR599x Series of Mixed Signal Microcontrollers

Duration: 5 minutes

Instruments MSP430FR599x family of mixed signal microcontrollers provide a high degree signal processing performance in an energy efficient MCU product.

Level Translation

Introduction to Level Translation

Duration: 5 minutes

This tutorial will review the basic concepts and different types of level shifters and discuss where they are used in system applications.


SIMPLE SWITCHER LMR160 60 V 3 A Buck Converter

Duration: 10 minutes

This presentation will discuss the SIMPLE SWITCHER regulator family from Texas Instruments as well as how to jump-start application designs.

Capacitive and Proximity Sensing with the MSP430

Capacitive and Proximity Sensing with the MSP430

Duration: 10 minutes

TI’s new CapTIvate touch technology provides high degree of robustness to noise, supports metal touch, 3D gestures, and glove friendly designs.

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Texas Instruments SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC3220SF LaunchPad™ | Maker Minute

SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3220SF LaunchPad development kit (CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL) from Texas Intrument highlights CC3220SF, a single-chip wireless microcontroller (MCU) with 1 MB Flash, 256 KB of RAM, and enhanced security features.

Texas Instrument AMC1301 Amplifier | Digi-Key Daily

AMC1301 from Texas Instrument is a device that is a precision isolation amplifier with an output separated from the input circuitry by an isolation barrier that is highly resistant to magnetic interference.

Texas Instruments OPA388 Operational Amplifier | Digi-Key Daily

OPA388 from Texas Instrument is a precision operational amplifier with an ultra-low noise, fast-settling, zero-drift, zero-crossover device that provides rail-to-rail input and output operation.

Motor Control and PFC Developer Kits Overview

The Motor Control and PFC Developer Kits are the industry's first to enable power factor correction (PFC) and sensorless field-oriented control of up to two motors with a single low-cost microcontroller (MCU).