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ITT Interconnect Solutions

- ITT Interconnect Solutions 属于 ITT Corporation 旗下,提供设计精良的连接器解决方案,是该领域的全球领先设计制造商。 公司业务着眼全球,客户涵盖航空航天和国防、医疗、石油和天然气、运输和工业终端市场等众多领域。 从发明机架和面板、D-Sub 连接器,到发明最新的光纤、复合和微型连接器,ITT Interconnect Solutions 在 100 多年来始终是创新、可靠和高品质的代名词。 今天,他们凭借强大的 Cannon、VEAM 和 BIW 品牌,提供能在互连性日益增强的世界中实现数据、信号和电源传输的解决方案。


ITT Interconnect Solutions 的 ITT QLC(四锁连接器)系列

ITT QLC 零插入力(四重锁连接器)系列

ITT 推出微型 QLC 器件,扩充了其 DL 系列连接器。 ITT Interconnect Solutions 注意到了医疗领域对诊断设备在便携性、更强的功能和可靠配接能力方面的需求。了解详情

ITT Cannon 的 DL 系列 (ZIF) 连接器

DL 系列 (ZIF) 连接器

ITT Cannon 的 DL 系列零插入力 (ZIF) 连接器可满足医疗、商业/工业、计算机和外围设备市场对低成本、高性能、多线电源和信号连接器的需求。了解详情

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Image of ITT Cannon CA Bayonet Connector Series

CA Bayonet Connector Series

ITT Cannon presents reverse bayonet connectors with exceptional shock and vibration resistance. ITT Cannon’s CA bayonet series is a proven, versatile high performance interconnect solution for critical harsh environment applications.

Image of ITT Cannon's PL Series Push Pull Connectors

PL 系列推挽式连接器

ITT Cannon 的 PL 系列适用于微型化、轻型化、耐用型连接器对工作性能至关重要的医疗和工业应用。

Image of ITT Cannon KPT/KPSE Series Mini-Circular Connectors

KPT/KPSE 系列加固型连接器

ITT Cannon 坚固耐用的 KPT/KPSE 连接器旨在为满足严格的 Mil-DTL-26482 I 系与 VG95328 性能和互换性规范而设计,无论条件如何都能实现高持续性和可靠性。

Image of ITT Cannon D-Subminiature Connector Series

D-Sub 连接器系列

ITT Cannon D-Sub 产品线适用于最苛刻的环境。 Cannon 的 D-Sub 产品最初设计用于飞机无线电系统,在同类产品中率先成为首款多用途的互连解决方案,非常适合多个市场和应用。

Image of ITT Cannon's Micro D-Subminiature MDM Series

Micro D-Subminiature MDM Series

ITT Cannon introduces their micro D-subminiature MDM series that delivers a durable, reliable and innovative product for harsh environment applications.

Image of ITT Cannon's MDM Series High-Temp Micro-D Connectors

MDM 系列耐高温 Micro-D 连接器

ITT 扩充了其 MDM Micro-D 系列连接器,新推 MDM 系列耐高温 Micro-D 连接器


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APD Connector Series

Duration: 5 minutes

A rugged plastic connector built in accordance with DIN 72585. Incorporates mechanical keying and color coding options amongst other features.

cover set

CFAST Card Kit

Duration: 5 minutes

Represents a product offering to accommodate the growing demand for faster storage speeds and increased functionality in smaller, lighter card kit packages.

circuit pressure contact

Universal Contact

Duration: 5 minutes

Universal Contact series is a dry circuit pressure contact system. Each contact is a single piece of material, stamped and formed.

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ITT Cannon's CA Bayonet Connectors

ITT Cannon's CA Bayonet series connectors deliver exceptional shock and vibration resistance - time and time again. Versatile, trusted and fully proven, you can rely on CA Bayonet whatever the application.

MKJ Mini-Circular Connectors for Aerospace & Defense

At half the size and weight of traditional military grade interconnects, Cannon's MKJ Series of Miniature Circular Connectors enable the transmission of signal, power and data without sacrificing performance or reliability.

ITT Cannon's Push Pull PL Series

ITT Cannon’s plastic push pull PL Series is a high quality, versatile and cost effective solution for diverse medical and industrial applications. Watch this video to see why the PL Series is the ultimate choice for today's critical applications.

ITT Veam and Cannon Rail

Learn how ITT's Veam and Cannon brands are true innovators and how our connector solutions act as a critical part of the nervous system of modern rail.







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