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- Harwin 是高可靠性、行业标准和应用特定型互连器件制造商。

我们拥有广泛的全球能力,可在本地层面满足客户需求。 遍布全球的经销商网络加上欧洲、美国和亚洲的办事处、制造工厂,为我们带来对最新技术的全球研究视野和全面的理解。 Harwin 拥有超过 50 年成功的电子器件制造史,提供包含 2 万多种高度可靠的互连器件和印刷电路板五金件的产品组合。

EMC Shielding Solutions

Harwin EMC Shielding Solutions

Harwin's range of EMC shielding products improves PCB layouts by eliminating the need for soldering cans to the board. This range of products is suitable for every stage of your process, from prototyping through volume manufacturing. Learn More

Datamate Mix-Tek

Image of Harwin's Datamate Mix-Tek

Harwin's Mix-Tek Datamate range offers a multitude of configurations for signal, power, and coaxial connectors, which allows customers to design Datamate connector solutions that are suited to their applications. Learn More

Archer M50 Connectors

Image of Harwin's Archer M50 Connectors

Harwin's Archer M50 fine pitch board-to-board connector series is available in a wide variety of mating heights with sockets from 2.2 mm to 8.5 mm and different mounting options. They are available in DIL styles with 1.27 mm row spacing. Learn More

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Image of Harwin's Gecko Screw-Lok Series 1.25 mm Pitch High Reliability Connectors

Gecko Screw-Lok 系列 1.25 mm 间距高可靠性连接器

Harwin 的 Gecko Screw-Lok 系列提供垂直通板、垂直表面贴装和电缆选择,均属于公头和母头型连接器。

Image of Harwin's EMC Shielding Products

EMC Shielding Solutions

Harwin's wide range of EMC shielding products are suitable for every stage of the process, from prototyping through to volume manufacturing.

Image of Harwin's M40 1 mm Fine Pitch, Fully Shrouded, Board-to-Board Connectors

M40 1 mm 细间距、全遮蔽、板对板连接器

Harwin 的 M40 连接器适用于各种各样的应用,包括数据/通信、医疗、手持式设备、监视器和工业应用。

Image of Harwin's Removable Jumper Links

EZ 可拆卸跳线

Harwin 的简单易用型可拆卸跳线可帮助降低 LED 阵列组装成本、简化返工和缩短生产时间

Image of Harwin's EZ-Spring Contacts

EZ 弹簧触头

Harwin 的弹簧触头亦称作接地 / RFI、弹簧或屏蔽触片,可以装配到 PCB 上用作接地或者屏蔽触头。

Image of Harwin's SMT Test Points

SMT 测试点简化了 PCB 测试工艺

Harwin 的 SMT 测试点有助于避免损坏和额外操作,并简化 PCB 测试工艺


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Keyway Polarization

Gecko Micro-Miniature Connectors

Duration: 5 minutes

Gecko Micro-Miniature Connector Application, Features, and Performance ratings.

M40 Connectors

M40 1.00mm Pitch Board-to-Board Connectors

Duration: 5 minutes

M40-320R and M40-310R connector families can save the designer valuable space in any design.

Hot Shoe

Hot Shoe Connectors

Duration: 5 minutes

Hot Shoe connectors are used typically in applications such as hand held scanners, docking stations, and portable datacom equipment.

PC104 Connectors

PC104 Embedded PC Connectors

Duration: 5 minutes

The PC104 connector series is designed to meet the standards for embedded PC applications.

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Harwin Datamate - Crimping & Assembly Guide

In this instruction video we cover the female crimp & removal process for Harwin's High-Reliability Datamate range.

Harwin Gecko Crimping Process

Harwin Gecko Crimping Process

Harwin Manufacture Connectors

Harwin Manufacture Connectors

Trio Tek Datamate

Trio Tek Datamate