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Mentor Graphics

- Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) 是全球领先的电子硬件和软件设计解决方案提供商,为世界上最成功的电子设备和半导体公司提供产品、咨询服务和获奖的支持服务。

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Mentor PADS Maker

PADS Maker and PADS Maker Pro

PADS® Maker and PADS® Maker Pro are professional, free or low-cost PCB design tools that enable makers, startups, and small businesses to create printed circuit boards quickly and easily.


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Importing a netlist

Learn how to create a netlist in PADS Maker Schematic, and read it into PADS Maker Layout.

Schematic PartQuest Integration

Learn how to find, download, and add a part from PartQuest to your schematic.

Creating CAM documents

Learn how to create and alter CAM documents in PADS Maker Layout.

Layout Verification

Learn how to find potential issues with your design before creating your manufacturing documentation with PADS Maker Layout.