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Mentor Graphics

- Mentor 现 Siemens 旗下子公司,是全球领先的电子硬件和软件设计解决方案提供商,为世界上最成功的电子设备和半导体公司提供产品、咨询服务和获奖的支持服务。

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Mentor PADS Maker

PADS Maker 和 PADS MakerPro

PADS® Maker 和 PADS® MakerPro 是免费或低成本的专业级 PCB 设计工具,能让创客、入门者和小型公司轻松、快捷地构建出自己的印刷电路板。


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Routing your PCB

Learn how to route in PADS Maker Layout, as well as get some tips and tricks to make routing easier.

Decal Selection

Learn a way to define what decal will be used for a part when your design is forward annotated to Maker Layout, as well as how to set up alternate decals for parts.

Creating and Editing Decals

Learn how to create and edit a decal in PADS Maker Layout.

Changing display colors

Learn how to manage coloring of different design elements in PADS Maker Layout.